TCH LPG/NH3 assemblies are used for vibration absorption and offset. They are optimally designed for the transfer of liquids and gases.

Product Details

These assemblies are constructed with stainless steel corrugated hose and two layers of stainless steel braid. TCH’s standard assembly will have an extra heavy welded, male NPT fitting and the other fitting can be either a 3000# forged steel female NPT union or an extra heavy welded Sch. 80 male NPT fitting.

Applications include,
but are not limited to:
  • LPG fill tanks
  • Air separation
  • Manifold lines
  • Fueling and fuel systems
  • Vapor recovery systems
  • Nitrogen and oxygen liquefiers

  • End fitting customization
  • Heat shrink cover available


Each assembly is tested and tagged LPG & NH3, 350 PSI, 1750 Burst and with the date of manufacturing.

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