Expansion Compensators

TCH expansion compensators absorb large axial motions and thermal expansion in large I.D. systems.

Product Details

Constructed with multi-ply stainless steel bellows and carbon steel shroud, these joints include an internal anti-torque device. End fittings are available in stainless or carbon steel NPT, flange, weld, and groove. These joints have a rating of 200 PSIG working pressure at 750°F and axial movements of 1 ¾” compression and ¼” extension. I.D.’s ¾” – 4”.

Applications include,
but are not limited to:
  • Sanitary systems
  • Return and supply lines
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Steam and steam condensate
  • Chiller water and heating water

  • Long life dependability
  • Compact to save space
  • Eliminates bellow squirm
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Compensates for thermal growth


Long life dependability, compact to save space and requires no maintenance.
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